Marketing to Millennials: Showcase your Home Online

An astounding 94% of consumers start their home search online, and an even more impressive 96% of first-time home buyers start their home search online. The new generation of home buyers, the Millennial Generation, is 80 million strong and represents the largest generation in the United States since the Baby Boomers. Millennials were raised with technology and are extremely comfortable with it, so presenting the best online image possible is imperative to being competitive in this market.

Good photographs are a must! Listings without a photo or with only an exterior shot are often passed over and ignored. Follow these tips and your house photos will look ten times better than the competition’s.

  • Crop out sidewalks and streets.
  • Remove vehicles from driveway /front of home.
  • Shoot up-close and angled photos.
  • Avoid shade on the house.
  • Clear away vegetation blocking front door or path to door.
  • Emphasize space and shoot long.
  • Mow the lawn and trim bushes.
  • Remove evidence of pets.
  • Put away children’s toys.
  • Avoid shooting into the sun.

Take photographs of every room. Even if you suspect the room won’t photograph well, shoot it anyway because the photo quality might surprise you, and the photo might be useable.

  • Open drapes and blinds.
  • Turn on lights.
  • Focus on interesting details like the condition of a wood floor or a fireplace mantle.
  • Remove trash cans & close toilet lids in bathrooms.
  • Use floral arrangements in kitchens & dining rooms.
  • Avoid shooting into mirrors because your image will reflect.

Virtual tours aren’t just for million-dollar homes anymore. Every home should have one, even if it’s only two spins. Buyers adore virtual tours!

  • A good virtual tour will grab buyers by the hand and lead them from room to room, showing a 360-degree view.
  • Virtual tours can also include individual photos available for download or to print.

Bill Ruane is the expert agent for positioning your house in today’s market for today’s buyer. These are just a few of the important things that he does for his customers. Are you ready to put your house on the market? Call Bill Ruane at 310-877-2374 or send him an email at for expert help to present your listing in the best possible light.

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