5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s ROI in a Week

Watch enough home improvement shows, and it’s easy to assume the only way to boost your home’s overall value is through big-ticket, weeks-long (or even a month or more) major renovation projects.

While it’s true that big-time upgrades may lead to big-time ROI, you don’t need a big budget or a ton of time to improve your home’s market standing. All you really need is a few thousand dollars (even less if you’re the DIY type) and seven very well-coordinated days.

So whether you’re prepping to sell on a tight turnaround or simply want to enhance your home without diminishing your wallet, here are five ways to boost your home’s ROI in a week.

Day 1: Clean and Declutter

It sounds too simple to be true, doesn’t it? The simple act of removing unnecessary knickknacks, rarely-used furniture, and general clutter followed by a deep clean does wonders for the value of your home (not to mention your sanity). Not only does your home feel larger, but it also flows better and becomes easier for a would-be buyer to envision as their own. That particular ROI is priceless.

Day 2 Through 4: Paint

We know nobody likes to paint. Your home’s value, on the other hand, loves a fresh coat of color. Recently-painted walls make even the oldest home shine with a newly-built glow. Neutral colors are a huge selling point, and similar to decluttering, they allow potential homebuyers to see the home as a place to make their own memories.

Painting will also mask any minor flaws a home might possess, especially with crown molding, around windows or door trim, or in your kitchen and bathroom if you opt to paint cabinets. Speaking of cabinets, though it’s a minor touch, updating the hardware on your cabinet fronts will further enhance the look and “newness” factor of your home.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, there are a few more large-scale yet relatively inexpensive ROI upgrades that take roughly one to three days to complete. These include replacing kitchen or bathroom countertops (including a new backsplash will add to your time and costs), upgrading flooring, pressure washing sidings, or restaining or pressure washing an outdoor deck or patio area. 

Day 5: Install a New Front Door

If you’re noticing a theme, well, it’s because first impressions matter—a lot. Replacing your front entryway door with a new steel version is achievable in less than two hours for $1,500-$2,500, yet the ROI is close to 90%.

Day 6: Replace Your Garage Door (or Doors)

This door replacement involves switching out your garage door. This seemingly simple upgrade, which is achievable via professional installation over the course of a morning or afternoon, offers one of the highest returns on investment. Job cost runs between $3,500 to $4,000 and provides an ROI of nearly 120%.

Day 7: Clean the Windows

Finally, once you’ve completed your prior projects, the last boost comes by way of your windows. Full window replacement is often touted as one of the top home improvement ROIs. However, if your windows are in great condition, a simple cleaning—inside and out—will ensure your home shines from every angle.

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